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Golden rules of the road

June 25, 2007

Re "Forgive me, Father, for I have tailgated," June 21

Is the Vatican serious? The Ten Commandments for drivers? Isn't there enough poverty, rape, war and suffering to deal with? These Ten Commandments -- as applicable and relevant as they are to Los Angeles -- are trivial in the grand scheme of things. There are bigger fish to fry. So what does this latest set of guidelines have to say about the church? Too much time on its hands, or misplaced priorities?


Los Angeles


The article is funny but serious. I have always followed the Ten Commandments for driving, and I have not had a traffic or a parking ticket in 27 years. I am proud of my squeaky-clean driving record. The use of the rosary is not distracting because I know the prayers by heart -- I would never hold the rosary with one hand and the wheel with the other. We can pray and watch the road at the same time.

The punishment for breaking the commandments could be a ticket, a day in court, paying for damages to other vehicles or, God forbid, someone might get killed and you have to go to jail.


North Hollywood

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