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Political speech

June 26, 2007

Re "The un-reformers," editorial, June 19

California voters passed Proposition 34 in response to a Supreme Court ruling affirming the 1st Amendment right of statewide political parties and organizations to communicate with their members in state and local elections. But Los Angeles and other cities have been trying to muzzle political parties through local ordinances and litigation, undermining the will of the people. Assembly Bill 1430 would put a stop to this practice, making it clear that communications are regulated solely by the state, not local jurisdictions.

We are disappointed that The Times would oppose this legislation and deny membership organizations the ability to exercise those rights so zealously guarded by The Times. Voters gain a better idea of how a candidate will vote on critical issues if they know a candidate's party affiliation -- and whether the candidate is endorsed by his or her party or organization. It is wrong to deny millions of California voters the ability to make an informed choice.



(R-Solano Beach)




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