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Run-in at Rome's Colosseum shows centurions still tough

June 29, 2007|Steve Harvey

It was a Roman holiday to forget for Jose Aznar of L.A.

The Guardian newspaper reports that Aznar ran into trouble when he offered one of the make-believe centurions stationed outside the Colosseum six euros (about $4.45) to pose for a picture.

Aznar, 50, said the burly fellow "started removing his armor. When I offered extra dollars, he said, 'In Italy we blow our nose with dollars' and called me a ... Mafioso and a cuckold.' "

Then when one of Aznar's two companions -- a Chilean woman -- intervened, the centurion allegedly kicked her and toppled onto Aznar, who suffered a broken foot.

The Guardian said police in Rome were studying photos to identify the costumed man. Meanwhile, Aznar, hobbling on crutches, said he was continuing his vacation -- with a tour of the more peaceful Umbrian vineyards.

Camera annoyances, stateside division: When Terry Schauer of Westlake Village inquired about a roll of film that had apparently been misplaced by a local store, she received a surprisingly frank response (see accompanying).

Scarier than centurions: While traveling in New Mexico, Terry Miller of Pasadena noticed that one city's name didn't inspire much love from passersby (see photo).

Scary term for Democrats: You don't hear many left-leaning officeholders utter the "L" word, but Judy Silk of Pacific Palisades saw it posted -- anonymously -- on a sign in Northern California (see photo). One website said at one point the word had been crossed out and replaced with "Commies."

Dueling diets: John Pantaya of Cerritos found a weight-reduction store in a mall that would tempt the willpower of anyone trying to cut calories (see photo).

Hounded by readers: After I printed a Seal Beach crime log item about a dog that was observed "parking," Sara Bajkowski and John Wade each wrote to point out I must never have seen TV commercials for the Range Rover.

When humans park: Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies cited a woman for indecent exposure when she was discovered naked in the back seat of a car, the Goleta Valley Voice recently reported.

The cops then allowed the woman and her young male companion -- who had not disrobed -- to leave, which was no doubt a relief for the latter. No reason why the incident had to come to attention to the car's owner -- his grandmother.

miscelLAny: If I don't talk to you again before Saturday, have a happy Fiscal New Year.

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