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Cheney under fire

June 29, 2007

Re "The Cheney irony," Opinion, June 26

You have got to be kidding me -- Jonah Goldberg reporting that Dick Cheney's methods may be counterproductive. What rock is he living under? He should stop watching Fox News and drinking the blood of the neocon idols. Old news, young Jonah, old news.

What's next week's column: Don Rumsfeld may be losing touch with military needs? Or how about: Osama bin Laden may have been behind 9/11?

Can't you dump this guy and just run a banner on Tuesday with Goldberg's mantra: War is good, the poor are lazy, rich white men know best, lock down the borders and bomb anyone who tries to enter these sacred grounds (you know, the ones we massacred the Native Americans for).


Los Angeles


Although Goldberg admits that the vice president's latest machination to avoid accountability is "a goofy argument on its face," he convolutes his commentary by first declaring himself to be "a longtime member of ... the Dick Cheney Fan Club." Why? Because the vice president "truly doesn't care what people think of him."

Cheney, however, is not being courageous, gallant or noble in his disregard of public opinion. Rather, he is running for cover while demonstrating a contempt for the Constitution that may be in violation of the law.

Sometime ago in The Times, former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern predicted that the Bush regime would not finish its tenure. Keep up the tricks, Mr. Vice President. Perhaps your despicable behavior will speed us toward the fulfillment of McGovern's prophecy. I can't wait for you and your cabal's unsavory reign to come to an end.


Huntington Beach

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