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Morning Briefing

Baby gives Davenport satisfaction

June 29, 2007|Lisa Dillman | Times Staff Writer

News: New mother Lindsay Davenport returns to organized tennis July 21 in Sacramento, coming back for the first time since giving birth to a son, Jagger, on June 10.

Reaction: Give the Laguna Beach resident another month and she could last into the second week at the U.S. Open.

Reality: This will be doubles only, and a World TeamTennis match at that. But those close to Davenport report she stayed in terrific shape during her pregnancy and think she remains top-five material.

Don't hold your breath for a true comeback.

Still, we can imagine this question at her first news conference: Why Jagger?

Matt Cronin of came up with a top 10 list of why Davenport and husband Jon Leach selected the name.

Among them:

* Drew inspiration from other creative baby-naming tennis parents: Jaz (Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf), Manon (Michael Llodra), Djenae (Fabrice Santoro) and Elias Balthasar (Boris Becker).

* He stuck his huge, wagging tongue out at Jon after dad caught him during the delivery.

Trivia time

When did Davenport first play singles in the main draw at Wimbledon, and how did she fare?

Car talk

Baseball, cars and summer ... sounds like the opening scene of a commercial, or a song on the Country Music Television network.

But this weekend, the Red Sox logo will be painted on the hood of Carl Edwards' No. 99 Ford Fusion during the NASCAR race at New Hampshire International Speedway.

Credit Edwards for some good old common sense. His helmet also will be painted white with red seams. But he knows where not to wear it.

"I wouldn't put that on in this park, the way these guys swing the bat," Edwards told reporters Thursday during batting practice at Fenway.


Maybe Men's Vogue cover boy and four-time defending Wimbledon champion Roger Federer is taking this fashion thing a little more seriously than we thought.

His throwback outfit drew compliments for the most part, but ESPN's Mary Carillo had to make note of the two equipment bags Federer carried on court for the completion of his second-round match against teenager Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina.

"I'm in London for three weeks and I didn't pack as much as he did for his second-round match," she said. "It should be like the airport, a 50-pound limit."


Somehow this book didn't quite crack Briefing's birthday wish reading list -- "Babes with Bullets: Women Having Fun With Guns."

But the author, Deb Ferns, has organized ladies' handgun camps around the country, and one woman was quoted in the Shooting Wire as saying these were "half pajama party, half firearms education."

Can just hear the campfire chatter now: Would you like a s'more before or after you fire that shotgun?

Trivia answer

In 1993. Davenport reached the third round, losing to Nathalie Tauziat of France. In 1999, Davenport won her lone Wimbledon singles title, beating Steffi Graf in the final.

And finally

Anthony Munoz, Hall of Fame offensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals, on Sporting News Radio talking about the substantial number of run-ins with the law recently connected to that franchise: "I don't think there's any way to sugarcoat it. It's just pure stupidity."


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