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Antioch-style idealism lasts

June 30, 2007

Re "Old college try isn't enough for Antioch," June 23

It's ironic that the idealism and social commitment Antioch College encouraged in its students is what eventually led to its demise. Antioch taught us not to go out and make money but to make the world a better place -- hence, few of its alumni are the wealthy business people it needed to keep the school going. Although, sadly, Antioch is closing, for those of us who were there during the civil rights and antiwar movements, its influence will affect us always.


Sherman Oaks


I read about the temporary suspension of operations of our undergraduate college in Ohio. The article fails to mention that there has been a dynamic campus of Antioch University right here in L.A. for 35 years -- very much alive and well, offering both graduate and undergraduate programs of study.



Antioch University

Los Angeles

Culver City

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