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Farm bill's crucial consequences

June 30, 2007

Re "Cut farm fat," editorial, June 25

The five-year reauthorization of the farm bill affects everyone. Besides who gets the subsidies, it determines largely what our kids will eat for lunch at school, what prices we pay for our food and what nutrition safety nets our government provides for those most in need, as well as soil conservation and support for small businesses in rural communities. The farm bill is a primary tool for reducing hunger in the U.S. We want better nutrition for all in our country -- not big farm business as usual.


Long Beach


If Congress manages to cut farm bill fat, we can make progress against hunger, encourage land stewardship and support struggling rural communities. Every dollar misspent on trade-distorting payments to crop growers is less support for the 35 million Americans at risk of hunger, for U.S. farmers of modest means and for the majority of rural areas that are no longer dependent on agriculture.

A powerful new voice in the farm bill debate comes from people of faith. Led by the advocacy group Bread for the World, thousands of Christians around the country are calling for broad reform of the 2007 farm bill. California's congressional delegation should take the moral high ground and support measures to reform the farm bill so that it helps those who need it the most.



The writer is affiliated with the California regional office of Bread for the World.

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