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The root of the problem

March 01, 2007

Re "It's lonely at the top," Opinion, Feb. 26

Niall Ferguson's essay misses the point. America is hated in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America not because of its power but because of how it uses its power. America was not hated under the Clinton administration, even though back then, relative to Russia and China, America was more powerful than it is now. Nor was America hated in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. It is the misguided policies of the Bush administration that have resulted in virtually the entire world questioning America's moral authority. By claiming that "they hate me because I am beautiful" or, in this case, powerful, Ferguson overlooks the real root of the problem -- the Bush administration's bellicose, polarizing, myopic and ultimately self-defeating policies.




I wonder what Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy would think about this foolish concept with regard to their time as presidents. There is only one reason why the rest of the world hates us now: George W. Bush.


San Clemente

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