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FDA and the safety of cloned-cow milk

March 02, 2007

Re "Top dairy company is sour on cloned-cow milk," Feb. 24

I was happy to read that the nation's largest milk producer listens to consumers, unlike the Food and Drug Administration, which marches to the tune of the industries it is supposed to be regulating.

The point about this issue with cloned meat and milk (a point that The Times and other media seem to slide over) isn't whether the stuff is safe but that the industry wants to be able to sell the junk to us without identifying labels. And the FDA's big decision isn't about milk's safety but whether it will allow the industry to get away with not labeling it.

The FDA's credibility has sunk so low that it is difficult to know whether the agency's decisions are based on corrupt influence or the cloning of idiots.


Boulevard, Calif.


The article cites a Pew poll in which people who were uncomfortable with animal cloning were asked if they would use a cloned product "if the government said it was safe."

My immediate reaction was, why would I trust the government? Whoa! I realized that throughout my 61 years, despite some low points, I've trusted my government to tell the truth. Apparently I no longer do.


West Hollywood

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