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It's not your grandfather's town

March 02, 2007

Re "San Bernardino seeks to bounce strip club," Feb. 26

In the article concerning the legal battle between San Bernardino's Flesh Club and the local government, the contrast between the two opposing forces is telling.

The candor of the club owner and his legal counsel's success with local, state and constitutional law contrasts greatly with the bumbling and irresponsible efforts of the city.

Even more glaring is the thousands of dollars spent on this eradication effort in light of the admission that the city is "economically depressed."

The Red Light Abatement Act, which is being referenced to quash the club's operations, was passed in 1913. A critical assessment of value changes should be taken into consideration before using these standards nearly 100 years later.

Without a doubt, community standards have changed considerably.


West Hollywood

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