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The Simers files

March 03, 2007

T.J. Simers pretending to know baseball is a bit disturbing, sort of like Shaquille O'Neal conducting free-throw seminars, or Britney Spears giving marital advice. With all due respect to Maury Wills, his 104 stolen bases in 1962 aren't going to get him into the Hall of Fame. In 1961, he stole 35 bases; in 1963, he stole 40. Although he shattered Ty Cobb's record, many voters regarded his achievement as a fluke.

Do I personally think Wills belongs in the Hall? Yes. But on the basis of his .281 batting average and 1,067 runs scored -- and not until the underrated Vada Pinson and Gil Hodges get there first.


Rowland Heights


T.J., the PETA crowd, still in mourning over Barbaro but plotting your demise, and your (many) other detractors should be made to read your column about Tony Stewart and late NASCAR fan Tom Egan. Yes, T.J., you can be sophomoric, even downright lame at times, but we who read you inveterately get it. Thank you.


Los Angeles

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