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Adding Iran, Syria to talks on Iraq

March 04, 2007

Re "Breakthrough," editorial, Feb. 28

The U.S. and foreign media seem surprised that the Bush administration will finally talk with Iran and Syria in Baghdad, as the Iraq Study Group recommended. The fact that the U.S. will meet with these two rogue states is not all that surprising nor a reversal in policy.

Just as President Bush kept his cool and refused to meet face to face with Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, but insisted on a six-party conversation that is now paying dividends in restraining North Korea's nuclear ambition, this is what the U.S. will be doing in Iraq. Not a meeting with just Iranian and Syrian leaders but a meeting in Baghdad that will include Britain and Russia, as well as other Middle Eastern countries, to make the Iraqi borders secure.


Palm Desert


Re "New threats and overtures," Feb. 27

I can only ask this of the Bush administration after it exhausts all diplomatic efforts and before we attack Iran: Please remember to have a contingency plan to get us out of there after we declare mission accomplished. Roger that?


Santa Clarita

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