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No nukes, not new nukes

March 07, 2007

Re "Livermore is picked to build new H-bomb," March 3

While the U.S. Department of Energy announces the push for new weapons to replace old ones, the Bush administration tries to claim nonproliferation moral authority around the world. This program completely undermines U.S. foreign policy and catapults the nation's nuclear policy in the wrong direction.

What we truly need is renewed leadership in eliminating nuclear weapons altogether. If the U.S. is serious about nonproliferation, it must send a clear message that eliminating all nuclear weapons is the only solution. Congress must take the lead in initiating a real conversation about the future of the U.S. nuclear stockpile and its purpose in a post-Cold War world.


Sherman Oaks


The greatest threats to every living thing on this planet are nuclear weapons. Instead of pursuing the goal of reducing them, the Bush administration has decided it needs to start building new hydrogen bombs. Doing this will only hasten the acquisition and proliferation of nuclear weapons because the message we are sending is, "Nuclear weapons are valuable and needed for our protection and survival."

Is that what we want?



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