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It's a clash of proof vs. faith

March 10, 2007

Re " 'Tomb' can't keep Christianity down," Current, March 4

Without even trying to hide the ax she is grinding while discrediting the manner of presentation of 1st and 2nd century Judean artifacts, Charlotte Allen appears to dismiss such efforts as unacceptably outside scriptural boundaries and significantly below any evidentiary threshold for scholarship.

In doing so, Allen appears to be simultaneously advocating against unfettered investigative forensic scholarship while admitting the near impossibility of objective proof on the subject of the historicity of Jesus.

To wit, although there is much in literature about the New Testament Jesus, and much money has changed hands in portraying the history of the New Testament Jesus, there remains no reliable evidence of a historical Jesus.


Simi Valley


Jesus' bones are not in a box. He is the son of God and rose from the dead. Jesus did not have relations with Mary Magdalene or anyone else. He came to Earth to die for our sins so that anyone who believes in him shall have eternal life. The truth about Jesus' life is found in the Bible and not in a faux documentary on television.


Somerset, Mass.

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