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Adorable babies and the terrible 2s

March 10, 2007

Re "His inbox is a baby-free zone," Opinion, March 6

Those with newborns believe they have the world. Soon they will wonder, with the sleepless nights and constant headaches, whether their child is as cute anymore. Reality will strike soon enough. Don't ruin their utopia. Let them believe their child is cuter than the other identical-looking babies.

Continue to send your generic answers. You've seen a baby before. The parents don't care if you analyze every picture they send you; they just want to rub it in your face a little. Still feel like getting revenge? E-mail the parents in two years and ask how their 2-year-old is behaving now. I'm guessing the correct adjective would be terrible, not adorable.


Chino Hills


Joel Stein's column is hilarious -- and I'm a grandmother! (Want to see the most adorable baby in the world?)


Los Angeles

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