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This golf lesson costs nothing

March 10, 2007

Your excellent story in Tuesday's section about Mark Wilson calling a two-stroke penalty on himself for an unintended rules infringement by his caddie gave me a greater thrill than watching our best PGA players make their greatest shots.

In this time when personal responsibility is at such a low ebb, Wilson's action was an inspiration. Mark, we are proud to be your fellow golfers and wish you a long, successful career on the PGA Tour.


Los Angeles


Let's see: pro golfer Mark Wilson assesses himself a two-stroke penalty for a rules infraction while leading a golf tournament with $900,000 on the line. Meanwhile, Angels center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. says he needs more information before he can answer the question as to whether he used an illegal substance or not.

This is just another example of the forthrightness, honesty and integrity that golfers demonstrate on a daily basis. Baseball players and athletes in other pro sports can take a lesson.


Mission Viejo

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