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Fans aren't missing Drew

March 10, 2007

OK, after reading today's article about J.D. Drew, I couldn't be happier he is gone. He was going to make $33 million, but he was looking for job security for his family?

What? Oh right, Scott Boras, the devil in disguise, is his agent.


San Diego


I had to laugh out loud when I read that sports agent Scott Boras advised J. D. Drew to consider having more job security since he had a young and growing family. That seemed to be the reason for leaving the Dodgers to join the Red Sox.

Families of soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq are forced to exist on food stamps. Teachers in our school systems charged with educating America's youth need a second job for extra income to make ends meet. I guess for professional athletes, $11 million per year just doesn't buy what it used to.


Yorba Linda


J.D. Drew's rejecting the Dodgers' three-year, $33-million offer and taking Boston's five-year, $70-million deal, and then sanctimoniously pretending that it was all about principle, and not money, is just one more example of hypocrisy in sports. In Drew's case, there was a mitigating factor that can be summed up in two words: Scott Boras.


Rowland Heights


Hey, J.D. Drew and your idiot agent, you can spin your departure from the Dodgers all you like, but it doesn't change three things:

The $33 million you had left on your Dodgers contract should be enough to buy your family "security" for the next 200 years.

Your history of "injuries" made you horribly overpaid even before the Red Sox made it worse.

When do you think you might make an All-Star team? How can such a marvelous player not make even one?




After reading the article about J.D. Drew I realize now that he was really misunderstood. Despite being happy living and playing in L.A., and despite making tens of millions of dollars, he was just a victim in this whole affair. After all, he needed a few more millions to feel comfortable and be sure his "new additions" had enough. Which of us getting by on so much less couldn't relate to that?

I'm sure he'll be very happy and will enjoy the warmth of his money when the always understanding Boston fans "welcome him" to their hearts the first time he's on the disabled list.


Los Angeles


Dodgers fans won't miss

J.D. Drew. The fact is that Drew is just another Scott Boras mercenary who would run over his own grandmother for an extra nickel. He will always go for the most money while giving the least effort. He has worn out his welcome at all his previous stops, and Boston will be no exception. A leopard cannot change its spots.


Buena Park


Mr. McCourt,

Thank you for saving me money this year! Last Saturday I waited for hours to receive a wristband, only to be denied opening-day tickets. I have decided to boycott the rest of this season. First, in December I contacted your sales department for the possibility of renting a suite for opening day. Two weeks before opening-day tickets went on sale, your sales rep advised me the only way to reserve the suite was to spend another $5,000 on an additional suite for a future game. $5,000, OK, but $10,000?

Frank, we don't want all-you-can-eat hot dogs, we want affordability and fairness!



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