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Punishing detained migrants' children

March 11, 2007

Re "Suit says converted prison not fit for children of immigrants," March 7

Detaining the children of illegal immigrants while they wait out appeals is not only unjust but inhumane.

The Bush administration might be thinking of keeping families together, yet having children in cell-like rooms and wearing government-issued garments is not the way to make up for the disturbances to their families.

There is no doubt that immigration laws need to be in effect, but somehow this is punishing children for a crime they did not commit.

The government has many facilities adequate enough to accommodate these children until their parents' status is determined.

The available resources should be put to use. It saddens me that the Bush administration would opt for a solution that can be so traumatic for these children.


Panorama City


So it is perfectly acceptable to hold the innocent children of possible illegal aliens in cells for 12 hours a day and force them to wear prison uniforms?

What's next? A bright yellow "IA" stitched on their pockets? Or perhaps a discreet number tattooed on their arms?



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