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The view from the south

March 11, 2007

On the eve of President Bush's arrival in Mexico, the polling firm MUND Americas, collaborating with the BBC World Service, asked Mexicans whether various countries exerted a "mainly positive" or a "mainly negative" influence. The results suggest that Bush has his work cut out for him.

European Union: mainly positive-43, mainly negative-15, don't know-42

Venezuela: mainly positive-40, mainly negative-23, don't know-37

China: mainly positive-31, mainly negative-28, don't know-41

Iran: mainly positive-25, mainly negative-22, don't know-53

Russia: mainly positive-22, mainly negative-29, don't know-49

U.S.: mainly positive-12, mainly negative-53, don't know-35

North Korea : mainly positive-9, mainly negative-15, don't know-76

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