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A McDreamy slot for `October Road' premiere

March 12, 2007|Greg Braxton

Just a few weeks ago, Scott Rosenberg was a successful writer who wondered whether one of his pet projects, a TV series called "October Road," would ever see the light of day. Six episodes had been ordered by ABC and produced, but Rosenberg ("Con Air," "High Fidelity") had no indication that they would ever get on the air.

Now, Rosenberg is beside himself. Almost without warning, "October Road" has landed a spot on the network, premiering this week. He's particularly excited about where it's landed -- in the prime 10 p.m. Thursday slot behind the monster hit "Grey's Anatomy."

"It's all pretty amazing," Rosenberg said in an interview last week. "I was just told about this two weeks ago. I wish the rest of my life could be like this."

Part of his surprise comes from the fact that his low-key drama is getting a shot even though it falls outside traditional TV genres. "No one dons latex gloves, fires a gun or has sex in a closet," he quipped.

"October Road" centers on a popular author who hopes to get over his writer's block by returning to his small Massachusetts town. But he is not greeted with open arms -- the people he wrote about unfavorably and whom he has avoided for the last 10 years are not exactly in a forgiving mood.

Rosenberg said the series, which stars Bryan Greenberg, Laura Prepon and Tom Berenger, is based on what he experienced after he wrote the 1996 film "Beautiful Girls," about a group of small-town friends who reconnect at a high school reunion.

ABC representatives said they have great confidence in the series, which is why it was given an opportunity in the post-"Grey's Anatomy" slot, replacing several weeks of repeats of the current occupant, "Men in Trees." At least four episodes of "October Road" will air in the time period.


-- Greg Braxton

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