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Gators are highly accurate

March 12, 2007

The best-shooting team coming into this year's tournament is last year's best team. Florida is shooting 52.7%, led by post players Joakim Noah and Al Horford, who shot 61% and 60.8%, respectively.

(Note: Opponents might want to foul both players, who are only slightly better at the free-throw line than they are from the field -- Noah at 65.2% and Horford at 63.1%.)

The top five shooting teams in the nation are in the tournament field. They are, with national rank and percentage:

1. Florida 52.7%

2. Texas A&M C.C. 52.2%

3. Georgetown 50.5%

4. Texas A&M 50.3%

5. North Carolina 50.2%

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