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Power, freedom and the Patriot Act

March 13, 2007

Re "FBI abuses may lead to limits on Patriot Act," March 10

The Patriot Act was a disaster from its inception. The incidents detailed in this article validate that belief. Twenty-two percent of the letters issued were discovered by the inspector general to be out of policy. Amazing!

If the Democrats and others opposed to the Patriot Act had not been so vocal, these abuses would never have come to light. I am so disgusted with our present government that I have lost faith in it. I no longer believe anyone is telling the truth or upholding the ideals of our Constitution.

In order to teach in a public school, I had to sign a form that states that I will uphold the Constitution of the United States. Is such a promise for teachers only?




The FBI's illegal retrieval of confidential records of Americans should come as little surprise. The Patriot Act of 2001 gives the government virtual carte blanche over our lives. This frightening assault on civil liberties should arouse the ire of even the most complacent Americans.

In today's world, we follow a path that winds between security and personal freedoms. By holding on too tightly to security, we jeopardize the very freedoms that our founding fathers paid for in blood.




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