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Strong feelings about sex offenders

March 14, 2007

Re "The new American witch hunt," Current, March 11

I suppose I am one of those parents who believes that any sexual offender is a danger to my community and to my children, which apparently Richard B. Krueger believes is an irrational fear. His suggestion that, because possession of child pornography is a "hands off" offense, it is not seriously disturbing, is absurd. Child pornography victimizes children and provides a market for the continuing exploitation of children.

I agree that someone in possession of child pornography should not receive the same punishment as someone who has raped a child. But I do not believe that sexual offenders, particularly ones who victimize children, should be treated to a compassionate response.

If you ask me, child molesters have not been demonized enough.


Newbury Park


I believe compassion is one of the holiest traits we possess and can give. However, extending compassion to a child molester is something I will not do. I do not see the value in trying to rehabilitate, and I do not apologize for it. Whether you believe the perpetrator is sick or evil, we can all agree that next to murder this is the most horrendous crime. Unfortunately, more times than not, a child never recovers from such an attack.

Any time, money or energy spent on rehabilitation should surely be spent on the victim instead.


Long Beach


I totally agree with Krueger. It is true that there are some violent sex offenders, and they should be taken off the streets. But there are also those individuals who have served their time in prison and sincerely wish to start their lives over, yet find it impossible to do so because they are listed on the sex-offender database. How are they supposed to support themselves when there are massive restrictions on where they can live, and they carry a stigma not unlike a scarlet letter? Are the voters of this state willing to support all of these people either in prison or out when they cannot find jobs and have to go on assistance?

What is needed are sensible laws, sentences and vocational training and job placement programs to assist these individuals.




One word mentioned in your piece is actually pointing in the right direction: pornography. Unless the problem of all pornography and its abuse in our society are seriously addressed, we'll never get ahead of this sick game.


Santa Ynez

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