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Attorney general gets little respect

March 14, 2007

Re "Gonzales urged to quit 'for the nation,' " March 12

Let's not forget that, while serving as White House counsel, Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales drafted the memo that allowed the U.S. to opt out of the Geneva Convention in fighting terrorism.

It still amazes me that, even after the Abu Ghraib scandal came to light, he was nominated to be the nation's leading prosecutor.

As attorney general, Gonzales has continued to blindly do the bidding of the executive branch. In the Bush White House, as in much of corporate America, you will be rewarded for your loyalty no matter how colossal your failures.


Sherman Oaks


In regard to the several news items about the firings of federal prosecutors, and with all due respect to the attorney general, whenever I think of the matter I conjure up an image in my mind: that of the common icon of the grand gramophone with a dog crouched next to it. All I can think of are three letters: HMV (his master's voice).


Los Angeles

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