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Rules followed at Guantanamo

March 15, 2007

Re "The Gitmo script," Opinion, March 9

Last year, I also visited Guantanamo Bay on a media tour and found many things that Karen J. Greenberg apparently didn't see or failed to mention. I found state-of-the-art medical facilities. I found meals that consisted of steak, chicken and culturally appropriate delicacies that have led the average detainee to gain 20 pounds since his arrival. Compliant detainees -- those who don't attack guards -- are able to participate in recreational activities.

As I entered one of the detention centers, one of the guards had just been doused with a "Gitmo cocktail" -- a mixture of bodily fluids -- by an enemy combatant. The guard went to his quarters, showered, changed and returned to work. This is the type of dedication and restraint shown by the men and women whom Greenberg mocks as "script readers."

The enemy combatants are given hearings to review their status.

We should not forget that these men have vowed to destroy the U.S. and kill as many Americans as possible. The American Legion is committed to ensuring that they won't get that opportunity.


National commander

American Legion

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