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Terrorist tell-all met with doubt

March 16, 2007

Re "9/11 planner confesses to many plots," March 15

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's confession is not credible. How valid is information obtained through torture? To accept the confession means that we must accept the process by which the confession was obtained. The process is unconstitutional.

The timing is also suspicious. The Bush administration is besieged with scandals, including scandals involving the man who justified torture. How convenient that the administration can wave the confession before the American people and claim victory in Bush's war on terror.




Even more amazing than the wide-eyed credulity the media have given to Mohammed's supposed confession to every major terrorist outrage of the last few years is that the guy held out for so long. I wonder that he hasn't admitted to being the antichrist as well. But what a brilliant intelligence coup for the CIA. Too bad it's only six or seven years too late.


Hervey Bay, Australia

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