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Booming enthusiasm

March 16, 2007

Re "Always a blast with the Boom," Column One, March 9

Never did I expect The Times to run a front-page story (with a picture) of a great science teacher. John Glionna did a great job capturing the spirit and enthusiasm of Preston Boomer, as well as the response his students have to a great teacher. The article demonstrated how exciting a good teacher can make a classroom.




I loved the article about Boomer, the longtime teacher. It really captured the joy teaching can bring to one's life. Also, the photograph and description of this teacher reminds us that being with young people on a daily basis can keep a person youthful and energetic.

However, Boomer is wrong about one thing: Teachers do not retire and then die. The average California teacher, male and female, lives to be in his or her 80s. I was planning to retire this June after 42 wonderful years as an elementary school teacher, but after reading this article, I am having second thoughts.


Long Beach

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