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The last word on Paris Hilton

March 17, 2007

Re "Unfortunately, we'll always have Paris," Current, March 11

I was able to stop reading at the end of the first brief paragraph -- as soon as I realized it wasn't about Paris, France, a Paris I know and love. Shame that the writer didn't stop writing at that point.

Much more than enough had already been said about Paris Hilton in the first paragraph.


Los Angeles


Right on, Lloyd Grove. Because most print and broadcast media are profit-making organizations, trash and bad news sell. That's why we read and hear more about gangbangers, not students who made good. Examples are endless.


Rancho Palos Verdes


It is more a commentary on the attitudes of The Times editors that they would allocate more than 24 inches of column space to such vapid and unproductive material as Hilton's escapades, masked as societal commentary, than any valid journalism.

With a world so full of monumental newsworthy, and analysis-worthy, material, The Times chooses to print this garbage.


Thousand Oaks


It's time for a new group. Let's call it OLAPH (pronounced O LAUGH) -- Old Ladies Against Paris Hilton. As soon as this group is up and running, you'll see the members outside that Beverly Hills market in formation, revving the engines of their motorized grocery carts, ready to seriously block Hilton from the aisles. Please, Mr. Grove -- and I hope others -- keep on not covering such antics as reported in your article. Let's not "always have Paris."


Redondo Beach

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