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A learning curve for L.A.'s mayor

March 17, 2007

Re "Educator in chief," editorial, March 11

If pinpointing accountability is the rationale for mayoral control of the Los Angeles school district, it is a dubious strategy. That's because education will then be only one of a series of issues that voters consider in judging the performance of the mayor. It's hard to understand how this dispersion will be an improvement over the present situation. It's particularly ironic that The Times is championing this approach in light of California's history. One of the major reforms of the Progressive movement was to depoliticize boards of education in the state.


Los Angeles

The writer taught in L.A. schools and lectured at the UCLA Graduate School of Education.


The "real goal" of any change to Los Angeles schools should not be "full mayoral control," or even "accountability." Those are only means to an end. The goal should be students learning more. Now, please tell me, how will Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa improve student learning?



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