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Fad that's not fit for healthcare

March 17, 2007

Re "For many employees, fitness has its prize," March 12

Taking preventive measures to improve our health is undoubtedly a fine idea, but all the workplace treadmills and corporate incentive programs will be of little help to those who have inherited a propensity for a serious disease or condition.

The most effective preventive measure -- early diagnosis -- is not available to the uninsured. Even among the insured, high deductibles will keep many from seeking treatment. Let's not be bought off by promises of free TVs.

Economists tell us that the best way to cut costs is to implement a single-payer health insurance system: Every taxpayer pays a little, no one pays a lot, and everyone is covered. No premiums, no deductibles -- sounds like a good deal to me.


Louisville, Ky.


And if the latest preventive healthcare fad doesn't work, then will the next step be an employee passing on his or her heart bypass to get an iPod and a new car?



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