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L.A., it's your turn on the runway

March 18, 2007

IT'S about time.

Los Angeles is, without a doubt, the most-watched fashion city on the planet. We make more clothes, and sell more clothes, than any other place in the country. The world's top designers and fashion photographers find their inspiration here. The L.A. design community is hitting a stride we haven't seen in years. Our surf, sport and denim industries clothe the world. And do we even have to mention the Hollywood fashion machine?

And now we have Image -- a new section in print and online, to cover our amazing, sprawling, fascinating style scene.

From the surf cowboys of Orange County to the royalty of the red carpet, from the sweaty chic of the yoga studio to the cool perfection of a cosmetic surgeon's office, from the street style of the Eastside to the glamorous parties of Beverly Hills -- we'll bring you the news, facts, gossip and wonder of it all.

And we won't stop there. Image will take you to runways around the world, showcasing the sensational, the sublime and, sometimes, the outlandish.

Today, in our first issue, we explore the styles, trends and personalities kicking up sparks close to home. It seems a natural, with L.A. Fashion Week in high gear. After today, look for the section once a month, until it goes weekly in September. And of course, we'll be there every day, at Here's what you'll find there now, and throughout the month:

For L.A. Fashion Week:

Runway video from the shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. First up on Monday: Juan Carlos Obando, Sue Wong, Voom, Dina Bar-El and Collection Bebe.

Video from the Gen Art event, "The New Garde: A Celebration of Innovative Los Angeles Fashion," showcasing three young L.A. designers: Mintee, Alms and Hazel Brown.

Today: See a model fitting with designer Juan Carlos Obando, as he prepares for today's runway show.

Monday: Learn to re-create the makeup from Bebe, during a backstage visit with the makeup artist before the runway show.

Daily postings from the Image staff attending the shows.

Plus our regular online features:

The List: A weekly shopping column and guide to warehouse and sample sales

throughout the region.

The Exchange: Tip us off to your own shopping finds.

YourScene: Post your photos of great street fashion.

The Mirror: A daily style item from the Image staff.

The World Is My Runway: Fashion critic Booth Moore's blog.

Web exclusives: This month, a pattern for a chunky knit sweater from designer Wenlan Chia's new book.

Galleries of the runway collections from New York, London, Milan, Paris and Los Angeles fashion weeks.

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