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Consequences of Bush presidency

March 18, 2007

Re "The two-by-four approach to Bush," Opinion, March 14

At a pivotal time for America, President Bush's stubbornness and self-will have caused irreparable harm to this country. In past decades, America has been blessed with great leaders in times of crisis. It's chilling to imagine Bush as president during the Cold War era. His inept leadership and pigheadedness would surely have spelled disaster during the Soviet blockade of Berlin or the Cuban missile crisis.

Should another attack like 9/11 occur during the remaining months of Bush's term, there could be terrible global consequences. America and the world will breathe a collective sigh of relief when his time expires.


Palm Springs


Ronald Brownstein points out how Republicans will suffer in the 2008 elections because of Bush's failure to consult with Congress. But I believe that the Democrats are much more at risk because of weak vision and lack of conviction. Voters must ask the Democrats: "Where's the beef?"


Newport Beach

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