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Consider classes, number of students

March 19, 2007

Re "No quick, cheap fix for state's schools," March 15

This article reviews a series of studies of the state's public (K through 12) education system with emphasis on the schools' lack of resources without mention of the exploding costs of providing education for millions of non-English-speaking students whose parents were not even present in the state 10 years ago.

Of course, administrators, teachers unions and politicians in California also go to great lengths to avoid listing the consequences of open border immigration on California's infrastructure. They seem to believe that resources should (and will always) magically expand as necessary to satisfy the demands imposed by an exponentially increasing population.


Santa Barbara


The answer to fixing our public schools is simply to limit class size to no more than 20 students for grades K-12. It will be expensive, but it will fix 90% of the problems.



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