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War and sacrifice

March 19, 2007

Re "Us to George -- sure, whatever," Opinion, March 16

Bill Maher's assertion that we have given up civil rights for the war in Iraq is idiotic. In wartime, things change. I am perfectly willing to give up anything because, you see, I have nothing to hide. What is he so worried about?




Every week there is some new federal policy or action that completely goes against principles this country was founded on. How can any American feel good about that? Washington, get this: Torture is not OK! Stop it now. Habeas corpus is a cornerstone of our democracy. Don't take it away. Public trial by jury is a necessity in a democracy. No secret trials. Give us our rights back. If you as elected officials can't support the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, step down.


Oak Park, Calif.

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