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Unwelcome guest editors

March 21, 2007

I have to say that it worries me somewhat that you are giving up the Sunday Current section to occasional "guest editors" (March 18). I consider the Op-Ed pages to be the most important part of the newspaper. This guest editor idea tells me that you do not share that opinion and that you doubt the value of your own opinion. It's fine to have a special section edited by guests and personalities, but it cheapens the value of the news and the newspaper when you surrender the Op-Ed pages to some flavor-of-the-month celebrity. It's an insult to all your readers who seek serious news coverage in the pages of The Times.


Santa Monica


Oh great. Swell. Wonderful. Writer and producer Brian Grazer will be guest editor of next week's Current. It's sad enough how The Times has fallen these past years, but now you're going to have Grazer be a guest editor. I remember when the paper was a joy to read, especially the Sunday edition -- sometimes all-day enjoyment. Now it's barely an hour, and most of that is cleaning out the ads to see what's left. With your new quarterly effort, I can save another half-hour of time for my Sunday.

Thanks. But no thanks.



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