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Famous owners talk up matchup

March 21, 2007

On Thursday, the Colorado Crush and Philadelphia Soul will play an Arena Football League game at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, and the best-known personalities connected to the matchup are the teams' owners.

John Elway, a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, is co-owner of the Crush. Jon Bon Jovi, a musician and actor, is co-owner of the Soul.

Elway's Crush won ArenaBowl XIX in 2005 and he has been associated with the league since his team's inaugural season in 2003. Bon Jovi, whose ownership group includes former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, joined in 2004.

The Crush is 2-1 this season; the Soul 2-0. But on Tuesday, Times staff writer Lonnie White asked them questions only partially related to the upcoming game:

Question: Have you ever been tempted to design a play for your team?

Bon Jovi: No, I never have. The only play I've called for in a game is for someone to go down and get me a beer. I tried that one for a while but the kid kept spilling it on the way up to the skybox.

Elway: I have not done that either. There's a fine line where you can meddle too much. But having played the game, I feel that I have a little experience in it to try and help where I can. But the key is to not overstep your bounds. [Colorado's Mike Dailey] was hired to be the head coach, so the Xs and O's are with him.

Q: How about the national anthem? Is there a chance of you singing before an AFL game?

Bon Jovi: I think we should have Elway start singing the anthem. That would be great for ratings. And I should play quarterback.

Elway: Let me tell you what, I know that I sound good in the shower.

Bon Jovi: That would be the demise of the AFL. John singing the national anthem and me playing quarterback.

Q: John Elway, what is your favorite Jon Bon Jovi song? And Jon Bon Jovi, what is your favorite John Elway game?

Elway: Oh man, I forget it right now. I told you last time Jon, what was that?

Bon Jovi: "Living on a Prayer."

Elway: "Living on a Prayer." That's it. That's my favorite song.

Bon Jovi: My favorite Elway game is the Super Bowl. The first time that he won the Super Bowl. That was great to see.

Q: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal or LeBron James? Which NBA player would you like to see play in an AFL game?

Elway: That's easy, I would go with LeBron. (Note: The Cleveland Cavaliers star is a former wide receiver who caught 52 passes for more than 1,000 yards and 15 touchdowns in his final season, as a high school junior).

Bon Jovi: That would be tough, but I think that I would take Shaq because that would eliminate a couple of positions on the line. He would just take up the whole thing.

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