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Allies rather than foes

March 22, 2007

Re "To: Straights, From: Gays, Subject: Hate," Opinion, March 20

I resented Larry Kramer's Op-Ed. I am a straight man and have had several good and loyal gay friends for many years.

I value them as people, and their sexual orientation never crosses my mind; it's their business, not mine. Kramer's paranoid outburst is hysterical and uncalled-for.

Harassed by low-life bigots? Ignore them.


San Juan Capistrano


In his use of the word "hate," Kramer had some valid points. There are many people who do hate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

But Kramer's blanket assertions weren't just unfair -- they were a monumental injustice to the thousands of straight allies we encounter each day. We wish that Kramer could meet the straight members of our group who have changed the face of what the homosexual activist is. These straight allies include corporate leaders who have advanced fair policies (frequently resulting in a loss of business), members of the Episcopal Church who elevated Gene Robinson and members of Congress and law enforcement working to pass federal hate crimes legislation.

Historic things are happening because of many straight people who do not hate.


National president


Executive director

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays



Thanks for printing Kramer's Op-Ed. He gets it completely right, and it is refreshing to read it in a major newspaper.


San Francisco

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