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`Lost' may find the real key with Locke

The island's toughest and most mysterious good guy is finally getting answers but acting strange at the same time.

March 23, 2007|Denise Martin | Special to The Times

There it is: Locke wants to stay lost.

At least he's got good reason. Wednesday's episode of "Lost" flashed back to perhaps his biggest screwing-over yet. When a nearly bald Locke threatens to expose his father as a con to his latest target, Daddie Dearest pushes him out the window of an eight-story building.

What's more, he and the island have been sort of serious about each other since Day 1, when he discovered he had the use of his previously inanimate legs.

Unlike recent episodes devoted to Claire and Hurley, this latest hour not only resolved the question of how Locke came to be a wheelchair user but also coughed up relevant information about Ben, the Other-in-chief, and the island.

Ben, for once, gets to ditch the double-talk and speak plainly: He's a native of the island. He doesn't want the Others to leave. People come and go from the island via submarine.

He also knows all about Locke. So much, in fact, that he gets him to blow up the submarine for him without ever asking.

These are the kind of revelations that matter. Finding out that Claire and Jack are related last week didn't. Finding out that Locke blew up the only way off the island in cooperation with Ben most certainly does.

Ben is fascinated by Locke, whom he knows had a miraculous recovery after the plane crash. "You have some communion with the island," Ben told him, "which makes you very, very important."

Until the crash landing, Locke had been just the opposite. And as if magically regaining his ability to walk wasn't motivation enough to stay on the island, Ben sweetened the pot.

In the last moment of the episode, Ben presented Locke with a gift: Daddie Dearest, tied up and gagged -- a chance for both revenge and just maybe an allegiance with Ben.

Coupled with the night's most intense moment -- a silent, icy exchange between Locke and Jack -- a storm is a-brewin.'

Jack had made a bargain with the devil. At the end of last week's episode, Kate, Sayid, Locke and the Frenchwoman Danielle spotted him throwing around a football at Camp Others.

This week, Jack admitted to Kate, who'd been imprisoned again after being discovered trying to rescue him, that Ben had booked him a one-way trip off the island.

Later, Jack was face to face with Locke, who had preemptively apologized seconds before the submarine exploded. The men glared at each other, hinting perhaps at a long-speculated Jack-vs.-Locke showdown, which has been building steam since Season 1.

With Locke's growing ties to Ben and with Jack stranded once more, "Lost" might finally be finding its way.

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