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Case of the bong can't go wrong

March 23, 2007

Re "Bong hits for free speech," editorial, March 20

Perhaps young Joseph Frederick has stumbled on a constitutionally protected way to legalize marijuana. The fact that pot is benign compared with alcohol or pharmaceuticals, much less harder drugs, didn't do it. The fact that dying people find relief from their suffering with pot hasn't seemed to faze lawmakers. Perhaps as a sacrament to Jesus can an exception to our draconian legal posture be found, and we can end decades of lies about this resourceful weed. The federal government has made religious exceptions in the past. Will we continue to be a nation of laws, or has that horse already escaped the barn?


Los Angeles


The U.S. Supreme Court's "Bong hits 4 Jesus" case is a slam-dunk. The banner's disruptive factor has to be summarily dismissed in a society that allows beer, alcohol and pharmaceuticals. The statement itself can be considered mindless humor or be interpreted as art. In that manner, it requires a second reading. "Bong hits" implies mellowing out. Combining this with the interpretation of Jesus as religion in general comes out with a wonderful message. Religion needs to mellow out. The fact that I can see or find a message means that it is protected speech.


Chino Hills

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