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Employment issues engender concerns

March 23, 2007

Re "At the top, it's men only," Opinion, March 17

Judith H. Dobrzynski's viewpoint on the need for more women at the corporate boardroom level is to be supported.

In Norway, for example, the law requires a certain percentage of women on corporate boards. That said, there is another aspect to this issue. Ninety-five percent of all workplace fatalities happen to men. Simply put, men's lives are in greater danger from the workplace. Everyone is concerned about the "glass ceiling" at the top (where so few of us are), and no one is concerned about the "glass basement" where the real inequity can be found. Both must be addressed, not just the one that's more convenient.


San Diego


According to Dobrzynski, the number of women in power seats in Fortune 500 companies has gone down, and quite a few don't have any women at all. As a young woman ready to graduate and start working, I am worried. I know I will be able to find a job, but am I going to be stopped from advancing just because I am female?

The problem is that women do not even realize there's a problem. It is frustrating because I feel it's time to take the final step in women's liberation and truly be equal, but I have no idea how to even start.


Stevenson Ranch

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