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Blogs' role in a brave news world

March 24, 2007

Re "Blogs can top the presses," Column One, March 17

The Times fails to mention that not only do hundreds of readers offer research information that expands and/or validates the thread of an author's post, but they can also immediately slap it down if it's erroneous. This seems as critical as any other ingredient in the power wielded by blogs. Influential ones are nearly self-vetted. They are returning our democracy to the common man. Major media, on the other hand, are tailored to onlookers content to trust the mouthpiece alone.


Los Angeles


I was delighted to see how you delineated the potential symbiotic relationship of newspapers and the best investigative blogs. While it is true that these blogs themselves can multiply "the reporting power by an order of magnitude," this country's great regional and national papers can harness this power and give it voice on a stage far greater than any blog could hope for. Working together, blogs and newspapers can produce the kind of investigative journalism that may help restore accountability and, ultimately, confidence in national institutions.


Woodland Hills

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