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That's a lot of complaints

March 24, 2007

Since buying the Dodgers, Frank McCourt has turned the stadium into the world's largest billboard, transformed the right field pavilion into a $35-per-game ode to gluttony, and is now charging $15 for parking. What's next -- pay toilets?




Frank McCourt, I just wanted to thank you for raising the parking by $5. You have learned so much from J.D. Drew.


Santa Monica


Does it come as a surprise to anyone that parking prices have increased? Who did Dodgers fans think was going to pay for Juan Pierre's ridiculous contract?


Silver Lake


Management claims controlled zone parking will provide solutions to minimize cars zigzagging across the stadium lot while avoiding jaywalking pedestrians. Do they not realize that by mandating specific exit routes, this is going to only push the problem of cars zigzagging in the parking lots out into the surrounding neighborhood?

Additionally, by making fans park in certain areas, this is only going to increase the distance they have to travel to get from their cars to their seats, thereby increasing the amount of pedestrian travel inside the lot.

They justify the fee increase by saying it's to cover the fees of additional attendants needed to make the parking situation better. Mr. McCourt, if the problem becomes worse, will you drop the parking fee back down to $10 and go back to the old system?




Will there be a discount based on during which inning you leave?


Mar Vista


I would like to thank Frank McCourt for finally charging more for my car to sit alone in a parking lot than the price I pay for tickets to actually watch the game. And this stupid idea of making cars go out the same place they entered tops his list. I guess his next idea will be to have all of us ask for a hall pass when we want to go to the bathroom.




The Dodgers raised the price of parking from $10 to $15. That's absolutely outrageous! Why, $15 would get me two beers in the All-You-Can-Eat Right Field Pavilion to go with my eight hot dogs and three orders of nachos.




I'm so glad to hear that the Dodgers are doing their bit to improve salaries around town. Now they're raising parking prices by 50% (to $15) in order to hire 100 new parking attendants. At an estimated $8 million in new revenues, that's $80,000 per attendant. Can I get an interview? I mean, that's why they're raising the parking prices, right?


Woodland Hills


I finally agree with Frank McCourt on something: He indeed is "no parking expert."

For some reason, the parking system at Dodger Stadium that has worked reasonably well for 45 years just isn't good enough anymore for the Bostonian. Has he given any thought to the very likely scenario where more cars attempt use a specific entrance than can be accommodated in the adjacent designated lots? The new plan will almost certainly cause chaos both inside the gates and on the surrounding streets, thus making it nearly impossible to see a single pitch until at least the second inning.

The line in Vegas is that this plan won't last more than two homestands before being abandoned to the ever-growing refuse pile of post-O'Malley goofs.




I for one will happily pay the parking increase from $10 to $15


San Dimas

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