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More on Cory Kennedy

March 25, 2007

The most interesting aspect of the profile of a not very interesting L.A. teenager was its depiction of her mother, Jinx Kennedy ("The Secret Life of Cory Kennedy," by Shawn Hubler, Feb. 25). It seems as if a lot of parents are afraid of using the "N" word ("No") with their children, lest it somehow damage their self-esteem or, worse, make their children angry. Why does a 15-year-old girl need to be out till 2 in the morning on a weeknight or be driven to the Chateau Marmont to meet Lindsay Lohan?

Cory seems bright and ambitious and will probably be fine. Maybe it's Jinx who needs a stint in a residential therapeutic program.

Pablo Prietto

Los Angeles

The photographs of Cory Kennedy do not fascinate me. They haunt me. I'm reluctant to say judgmentally to Jinx Kennedy, "I would have . . . ," but I'm going to do it anyway: I would have been worried when my ninth grader was going to rock concerts and nightclubs. And where is Barry Levin, Cory's father, in all this? Is he not involved in his daughters' lives?

This Internet culture has certainly spawned new means of vanity and exploitation. And West contributes to the "phenomenon" by making up Cory so that she looks nothing like her real self and putting her on the cover of the magazine.

Joanne Sabella

Chino Hills

I'm not impressed. Media hype is what this is. Have her take a bath already.

Joe Pegorelli

Via the Internet

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