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Christmas parade gives pause

March 26, 2007

Re "There goes Santa Claus; the Hollywood parade is a wrap," March 22

The parade has actually been dead for at least 20 years and can now be buried. It had suffered because it was too close to the granddaddy of parades in Pasadena. It has always been managed by Hollywood old-timers like Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant, who should be commended but then asked to step aside to allow a much-younger group to begin promoting events that are more appealing to contemporary audiences.

Sometime in the future, maybe the new blood will come up with a parade concept that could attract current big-name stars as well as some longtime pros and a national TV audience.




Many times each year, Hollywood sheds a tear when it loses one of its stars. Now we all join Hollywood in remembering one of its greatest stars, the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Famous to some as the "Santa Claus Lane Parade," millions have watched on television or traveled to Tinseltown to cheer on their favorite celebrities. Equestrian units and marching bands from all over have traveled down Hollywood Boulevard. I, too, have traveled down the boulevard. I have Honorary Mayor Grant to thank for giving me the honor of being Santa for the past three years, including the most recent parade. Some city leaders hope the parade or a similar event can still be produced. Let's hope this is true. We need events like the Hollywood parade. It is a wonderful, entertaining gift to the world.



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