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Abortion and the moral high ground

March 26, 2007

Re "Blacks are focus of antiabortion efforts," March 21

So, antiabortionists are preaching to pregnant, unmarried black women and girls that abortion is Nazi, Klan, racial genocide. What nasty, absurd, harmful rhetoric! Unless, that is, the antiabortionists are willing to take full financial and nurturing responsibility for every pregnant girl or woman they save from Hell, at least until her fatherless child is an adult. Booties and formula from the pregnancy crisis center aren't going to take those mothers and their kids very far. How about the rest of their lives?

The choice of abortion since 1973 has given some black women and girls a chance at lives that many other people, like me, take for granted. How dare the righteous try to take that chance away by imposing their own creed?


Los Angeles


Thank you for disclosing how the government-sponsored abortion holocaust is exterminating our black population. Your article cites a shocking statistic: 37% of all abortions are committed against blacks, yet blacks are only 13% of the population. If only one of the possibly millions aborted since 1973 might have been the next Martin Luther King Jr., or simply the next humble daughter helping her struggling mother get by, preventing any further slaughter is worth it. Thus the goal is not simply to achieve proportionality of abortions committed (i.e. 13% of abortions against blacks) but to stop the slaughter altogether -- and against children of any race.

During this greatest tragedy of our time, it's heartening to see mothers like LaToya Yarbrough resist today's culture of death.




Six months after Yarbrough gave birth out of wedlock, she became pregnant again. To the rescue comes Family Care Pregnancy Center, reaching out to the poor and minority communities, enabling her to have yet another baby and "raising suspicion" against Planned Parenthood.

After the birth, any financial help offered by the "pro-life" community often terminates, and the taxpayers are likely stuck with the tab. As for Planned Parenthood, I seem to recall a ditty about a little old woman who lived in a shoe.


Newport Beach

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