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Chiquita's chief speaks out

March 26, 2007

Re "Colombia investigates Chiquita," March 22

The accusation that "Chiquita might have 'facilitated or promoted' the paramilitary's illegal activities" in Colombia is completely devoid of fact. The reality is that Banadex, Chiquita's former banana-producing subsidiary in Colombia, had been forced to make payments to right- and left-wing paramilitary groups in Colombia to protect the lives of its employees.

Regarding the allegation of involvement in the shipment of arms to paramilitary groups, this matter was investigated by the Organization of American States, as well as the office of the Colombian attorney general, which found no basis for these erroneous claims. In fact, as a result of the government investigation, Chiquita was exonerated and the Colombian government indicted four Colombian customs officers.


Chairman and CEO

Chiquita Brands



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