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A message for Bush

March 27, 2007

Re "Files put Gonzales at meeting before prosecutors' firing," March 24

I keep hearing about all of these people who "serve at the pleasure of the president," but the president seems to forget that he serves at the pleasure of "we, the people."

That President Bush continues to act as though he is not accountable to us is inexcusable. It is time that we insist on a more transparent government.

Bush must be willing to answer the tough questions and not only allow White House political advisor Karl Rove and Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales to testify under oath but to insist on it. There is no basis for citing executive privilege here, as the U.S. attorney firings are certainly not an issue pertaining to national security.

It is time for we, the people to remind the president who he truly works for.




It used to be the devil was in the details. These days, the devil is in the e-mails.


Los Angeles

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