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Marches shouldn't lead to citizenship

March 28, 2007

Re "Marching on," editorial, March 25

Your editorial suggests that because large crowds of mostly illegal immigrants are rallying for their U.S. citizenship, that is sufficient reason to grant it. The U.S. government should act only in the interests of its own people, not because some critical mass of noncitizens are protesting in their self-interest to get better access to our high standard of living and social programs. Common sense dictates that bringing in a large number of poor and uneducated foreigners would lower our standard of living. Most countries recognize this, including Mexico, which requires most of its immigrants to be relatively wealthy or educated.

It is not hard to predict a future Times editorial whining about the increase in the gap between rich and poor. Would that be a big surprise given the hordes of poor and uneducated immigrants allowed into the country?




Re "Turnout is low at dueling rallies," March 26

It's illegal immigration that's being protested. Nobody was protesting "immigration" over the weekend. They were protesting illegal immigration, open borders and the presence of an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are sapping all of our resources.


West Hills

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