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Washington's battle over Iraq

March 28, 2007

Re "House funds war but sets pullout date," March 24

We made a terrible mistake by invading Iraq. We have to have an end in sight to stop this senseless war. The Democrats, with two Republicans, finally got a measure that President Bush says he'll veto. I ask him and the Republican representatives: Do you think Americans want to stay the course with an open-ended war? The Iraqis are mired in a civil war in which our soldiers really have no part.

Don't veto this bill when it comes to your desk, Mr. President.


Huntington Beach


This article painted a picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) working to get enough votes to win passage of a bill to press for a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, but at what price? The bill was loaded with pork projects, but The Times ignored that inconvenient fact. Pelosi may have won a battle, but she will lose the war. Bush will veto the legislation.


Loma Linda


Today, Pelosi and the Democratic-controlled House failed the American people. They bowed to shortsighted political expediency and authorized an unchecked and arrogant president to spend more than $100 billion more of our tax dollars pursuing an immoral and failing war policy. The Republican Party has long been out of step with most Americans. It is now clear that the Democratic Party is as well. Profound changes must come.


Redondo Beach


So the petulant little boy is throwing a tantrum because the grown-ups are trying to stop his calamitous war games. What a disgraceful spectacle for this great nation.




The war is over; it is now an occupation and has been for a long time. Why do we keep calling it a war?



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