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Political collision course on Iraq

March 29, 2007

Re "Senate retains Iraq war timeline," March 28

After years of having a rubber-stamp Supreme Soviet, George W. Bush is finally getting a Congress that tells him no. Is he going to listen to the voice of the American people? Probably not. Bush seems to love war and hate correcting his mistakes. This vote by both houses of Congress -- including some Republicans -- is a step in the right direction. It probably won't be enough. What will it take to bring Bush and his cronies back to reality?


Santa Monica


With Congress passing a resolution to bring the troops home by next year, we are one step closer to ending this idiotic war. However, our president has threatened to veto this bill and not commit to setting a date to bring the troops home. Frankly, he's got a year and a half left and does not really care -- he will stick to his guns just to prove a point and let his successor deal with his mess. And what a mess he's leaving behind.

I say we need another resolution to pass. Impeach this president and his lame administration. Our country will be better off without him.



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